On-Point Kimonos

Lightweight kimonos add glam to any outfit. Check out G&Gs selection of kimonos with eye-catching florals, embroidery or lace. Add new depth to a simple dress with a flowing white duster with lacy details. Pair a vivid kimono with a pencil skirt, a camisole, and knee-high boots. Voila! You have a look that's perfect for a date night, an evening spent dancing with your girlfriends, or a work dinner.


Once you bundle up you won’t want to take off one of our boutique cardigans! These chic styles are both flattering and comfortable. There’s nothing like a light cardigan to throw on when temperatures fluctuate, and during certain seasons throughout the year, these sweaters are just the right combination of fabric and flair.  


One great way to make your outfit stand out from the rest is a simple, yet refined vest. Shopping for stylish vests lets you express your individuality when it comes to fashion-forward style. A boutique vest can jazz up an ordinary outfit and turn heads in a heartbeat. 

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