Lava Stone Bead Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet- Chakra Balancing

Lava Stone Bead Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet- Chakra Balancing

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This "Chakra balancing" aromatherapy/diffuser bracelet is made of gemstones and black lava beads.

Chakra and Crystals:

-Red to symbolize the Root Chakra:: Red agate
stability ✦ grounding ✦ physical energy ✦ will ✦ ѕecurity

-Orange to symbolize the Sacral Chakra: Amber
creativity ✦ нealing ✦ sexuality ✦ deѕιre ✦ emotion ✦ drive

-Yellow to symbolize the Solar Plexus Chakra:: Tiger's eye
intellect ✦ ambition ✦ personal strength ✦ wealth ✦ achievement

-Green to symbolize the Heart Chakra:: Green Howlite
love ✦ compaѕѕιon ✦ perѕeverance ✦ emotional вalance ✦ нealing

-Light Blue to symbolize the Throat Chakra:: Turquoise
communication ✦ divine guidance ✦ тrυтн ✦ acceptance ✦ peace

-Indigo to symbolize the Third Eye Chakra:: Lapis Lazuli
spiritυal awareneѕѕ ✦ pѕychic power ✦ intυitιon ✦ eхpreѕѕιon ✦ inѕight

-Purple to symbolize the Crown Chakra:: Agate violet
enlightenment ✦ coѕмιc consciousness ✦ energy protection ✦ tranquility

Essential oil diffuser bracelet. Perfect for everyone. Simply apply 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oils to the black lava bead with your fingers. This diffuser is unique in not only does the oil go deep into the pores of the lava for a long lasting aroma scent, but also allows direct contact to the skin. Scent lasts for 1-3 days, reapply as needed.

**Great way to have your favorite essential oil with you all day. Blend your favorite scents & oils last longer.


Size: Stretch  approx. 7.48"