"Colorful Fun" Spiral Hairbands- Teleties 6 pk

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We cannot live without these Spiral Hairbands!  Now, what is a Teletie exactly? Besides amazing, Teleties are a no slip, no rip hair tie that will change the hair game for you. I was very skeptical when we first got them into the shop. I mean…it’s a hair tie… how great can it actually be? Well, I soon ate my words. 😉

  • ✔ ENJOY THE FUN COLORS: designed for any hair color and types; Add fun rainbow layer to highlight your look; Can be used as colorful bracelets on wrist; Best gift to your families and friends! 
  • ✔ SAY GOODBYE TO TANGLES AND HEADACHES: The unique spiral shape and smooth surface help to release the tension from the hair elastic; Can be easily stretched and removed
  • ✔ KEEP HAIR IN PLACE THE WHOLE DAY: The unique phone cord design can hold hair gently and generously in a ponytail, updos and messy bun etc.
  • ✔ STAY ACTIVE WITH WATERPROOF & HYGIENIC HAIR TIES: No more 'nasty' wet hair ties after water activities! With this non-absorbent hair coils, say YES to all activities!