"Cinnamon Spice" Colored Hairbands- Teleties 4pk Assorted Colors

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We cannot live without these Spiral Hairbands!  Now, what is a Teletie exactly? Besides amazing, Teleties are a no slip, no rip hair tie that will change the hair game for you. I was very skeptical when we first got them into the shop. I mean…it’s a hair tie… how great can it actually be? Well, I soon ate my words. 😉

They are a tangle-free alternative to the typical hairband for any hair type. When you're not using it for your messy bun, rock it on your wrist as a cute and colorful bracelet! We are SO happy they exist! 

No crease telephone cord hair ties ponytail holders in 4 different fun Fall colors as seen in pictures. All are the large size.