"Happy to be Home" Faux Fur Sherpa Lined Bootie Slippers in Oatmeal or Winter White

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"Happy to be Home" Sherpa Lined Bootie Slippers
You are going to be so happy you're home once you have these cozy adorable booties!
Nothing makes a cold day complete like a mug of your favorite warm beverage and a pair of comfy and cozy slippers. While we can’t help you on the beverage front, we can most certainly provide the slippers! Featuring a soft outside and an even softer inside, these non-slip grip slippers are perfect at keeping your feet warm and snuggled during the cold months. No worries with walking across tile or polished floors, the grip on the bottom will keep you from slipping.

Size-  ONE SIZED (fits 5-8) 

Color: Available in Oatmeal and Winter White 

Material: 100% Polyester