She's Beauty She's Grace-Full Size Freshie (Sweet Sugared Lemonade)

She's Beauty She's Grace-Full Size Freshie (Sweet Sugared Lemonade)

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These air fresheners are a cute addition to your cars decor.  Not only does it smell amazing but looks gorgeous on your rearview mirror!  Be greeted by a beautiful site and wonderful smell each time you enter your vehicle.

These can also be used in closets, bathrooms, lockers or other small spaces. 

*Bead/Bow decorations may vary based on what is in stock at that time. 

- Freshies last 30 - 45 days. Some scents are naturally stronger than others and will last longer. Freshies may lose their scent faster in warmer months due to the sun drawing the scent out faster.

- Keep away from children and pets.

- Do not ingest.


SCENT:   Lemonade- lemon with a twist of fruity sweetness


DISCLAIMER: If sat on flat, hot surfaces, freshie oils may stain. Freshies could melt in extreme temperatures, so please be aware of this is the dead of summer. G&G is not responsible for replacing freshies if they melt or any damages they may cause. By purchasing this listing, you are consenting that you are aware of and agree to these conditions.