*VENT CLIP Car Freshie- MINI Cows (2pk) (Island Oasis)

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Car freshie vent clips! Just like my normal freshies, but to clip into your car vents! But can also be used in other places such as a closet, drawer, bathroom, desk, locker, or any other small space that you want to keep smelling fresh!

Each fragrance is different but scents typically last around 3-4 weeks but can last longer. 

- 2PK vent freshie included 

SCENT:  -Island Oasis- Top notes of ocean and citrus are accented by middle notes of raw coconut and citrus



- Do NOT ingest.
-Keep away from children and pets
-Do not leave/sit on plastic, painted surfaces, wood, granite, etc.

WARNINGS: Do not lay on dash or other surfaces, made with oils that may stain.-Melting can occur in extreme heat, We are not responsible for air fresheners melting or any damage